I’m still smelling masculine! Source ABC News

“It is so weird, because I have been using the feminine odor product for the last couple of years and I don’t have any complaints, but now it smells really masculine,” said Sarah Schulte, a 20-year-old graduate student from Washington state.“I’m a big fan of natural fragrances, but this smell has a little bit of […]

Why Azaleas Feminine Products Are So Damn Irresistible

azaleas feminine products are such a hit that they’re starting to become a trend, so it’s no surprise that theyre even more popular than the usual ones.The reason is simple: They’re the perfect combination of feminine and masculine.Azalea products are made from a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other nutrients that help reduce […]

Why Donate Feminine Products to a Good Cause?

A friend of mine who works in marketing is a big supporter of the organization Goodwill.In the past, she would get excited about seeing her friends and family members who were going to the store for the first time.She would often be excited when she saw them getting a new product to donate to Goodwill, […]

How to stop the ‘feminine products’ craze

When I started out I used to buy everything I could find on Amazon.And it worked.I loved it.I got my clothes and accessories from the thrift stores.I got my makeup from a makeup counter.I even got my hair cut by a hair stylist.I had my own makeup counter, my own shampoo, and my own moisturizer.And […]

How to Be a Good Feminist in the Face of Toxic Male Culture

What are the biggest misconceptions about female empowerment and how can we overcome them?By Stephanie J. SchumannThe latest edition of this magazine is available at www.femalesentertainment.com.Feminist empowerment is often confused with female empowerment.But it isn’t.Feminism isn’t about female oppression, or female power, or even female empowerment of women.It’s about the empowerment of all people, women […]

How to find the perfect tampon

When it comes to buying tampons, you can’t go wrong with any brand, brand name or brand of product.If you’re looking for a tampon, though, you might want to make sure you’re getting a brand that’s actually made for a woman’s body type, or you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes down to […]

Why the ‘faux’ gel does not make a gel

By Emily SiskindSeptember 20, 2018|Posted September 20, 2019|1.8k Views0 CommentsThe new artificial gel formulation, ‘Faux’ has been praised for its ability to ‘fake’ a lot of things, but is there a way to make it look real?The new artificial formulation, Faux, is a combination of the same ingredients as a traditional gel, but with the […]

Feminine Products, Sensitive Men’s and Women’s Products: What to Expect

The term feminine products refers to the range of feminine products available in the market.This includes menstrual pads, sanitary towels, feminine shaving products, feminine body lotions, feminine shampoo, feminine soap and body lotion, feminine perfumes, feminine deodorants, feminine hair products, and feminine skincare products.The term feminine product refers to a product which is intended to […]

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