How to get rid of your hair in 6 easy steps

With the advent of the new millennium, we’re all looking to save money and be more active.While most of us are more likely to be wearing a bra and tank top now, there are many products out there that can help keep our hair and nails healthy.In this article, we’ll explore the latest and greatest […]

Which brands sell tampons that can be reused?

FOX Business Network (FBN) — The following brands are currently sold in the U.S. as disposable feminine products.You can find a list of the brands at: brands are:Aveeno, Aveeno, Alta, Altena, Becca, Bellini, Bravissimo, Bottega Veneta, Celine, Cleo, Elomi, Flirt, IKEA, K-Mart, La Roche-Posay, La Prairie, La Terra, Lancôme, Mango, Mizon, Nautica, Nourishing Beauty, […]

‘Feminine’ products will pay more tax

With the launch of its next line of feminine cosmetics, cosmetics giant Estee Lauder will begin paying more tax on sales of its products that include facial creams, body creams and eye makeup. Estee Lauder announced Thursday that it will begin collecting sales tax on facial cream and eye products from March 18, and facial crea­sions […]

How to buy carefree products in the UK

Unilever is offering a range of feminine products for the holidays, which are all free of charge. These include a range of products made from the ingredients found in the carefree, natural products that are popular in the US. The products are being offered in a range of carefree, vegan and non-vegan versions, which have a total of 50 products […]

When is vegan feminine products not a fashion trend?

When is a woman’s body not sexy enough for a fashion brand?The answer to that is when they’re not vegan.As vegan, we are still subject to the fashion world, and there is a definite line between being sexy and being fashionable.As fashionistas, we have a responsibility to not only look sexy, but to not be […]

What Is The Most Effective Feminine Product?

It’s a question we hear a lot when talking about the best products to use in the feminine space.“How much do I need?How much will it last?How will I look?How do I look?” we’re told.“I can’t believe I don’t have a product for that.That’s amazing!” the question goes.That is, until we’ve tried one of the […]

How to use the ‘feminine’ cannabis products

Feminine cannabis product luggage and cosmetics are now available in the UK.It’s the first time this has happened since the country became a legal market for cannabis in March 2018.“Our customers are very excited and we are happy to announce the availability of these products as we welcome our first female customers,” said Angela Waugh, […]

Aap feminine is ‘not for you’

Aap is one of India’s most respected beauty brands, and the brand has come under fire in recent months for using the word ‘feminine’ in a slogan and advertising.It’s also a company that, in a 2015 report by The Financial Times, accused India’s Prime Minister of trying to ‘stifle innovation’.However, in the wake of the […]

What I learned about the #BeGrooming movement

The #BeLaughter movement is an idea of how to empower women through being more empowered by being feminine.The hashtag was created by the #FeminineBeauty movement.The movement is gaining traction as a hashtag and an online community of women who share their experience with women around the world.I have been in the #Brooming space for several […]

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