How to make a masculine and feminine hybrid

The next time you see someone who looks like a crossdresser, remember that you are, in fact, a crossdressing woman.And if you’re not sure if you can pull off the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity, there are some simple tips you can take to make sure you can.1.Take your feminine cues into consideration1.1 The […]

How to Make Your Own Feminine Clothes

You’ve just bought a new feminine hygiene product.It’s a beautiful and sophisticated item.You think you know what it should be.It has a sleek and stylish design.But you never imagined that you might actually have to take it apart, clean it up and wear it to work or school.I know what you’re thinking.“What are you talking […]

How to make toxic feminine products delivery safer

The Toxic Feminine Products Delivery (TFMP) team is currently working to make the delivery process safer for women.In a recent article, we detailed the problem of toxic feminine product delivery, and explained how it’s been made safer. Toxic feminine product packaging has become a serious issue for women and girls worldwide, due to the widespread availability […]

The new vegans are here!

Hacker News has updated its list of the top vegan feminine products to include products from the top 100 vegan feminine brands.The top 100 include: Celine Cosmetics (5,622), Cosme (5,618), L’Oréal Cosmetics (4,633), NARS (4,595), VivaNaturals (4 of 7), Vegan Living (3,912), Allure (2,913), Urban Decay (1,743), K-beauty (769), Bella Mae (713), Becca (621), Posh (620), Glamour (612), The Cosmetics of Japan (602), Shampoo and Conditioner (598), Fashionista (596)The top ten vegan feminine fragrances include:L’Oreal (13,062), Aveda (12,056), Dermablend (10,749), Jo Malone (9,903), Hada Labo (8,854), Essie (14,078), Laura Mercier (11,857), Missha (15,842), Sakura (20,037)The top 10 vegan feminine makeup brands include:Mermaid (16,717), Sephora (18,079), Tarte (19,009), MAC (17,092),L’oreal (21,058),  Tarte […]

Man says he was attacked by a woman at Walgreens store

Woman attacked a man who says she was taking out the trash at Walgreen’s in suburban Lake Oswego, Washington.Police responded to a call of a person attacking the man inside the store.The man was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries, police said.Witnesses said they heard the man say, “You can’t […]