Feminine products can be more secure than masculine

Feminine product organizations, including the Canadian Coalition for Women, are calling for more emphasis on gender-neutral packaging in feminine products.

It comes as the gender gap is widening, said Sarah Schaffer, a senior lecturer in marketing and public affairs at Dalhousie University’s Rotman School of Management.

“What I want to see is that it’s not a ‘we need to change’ thing,” Schaffer said.

“If you’re a man who’s thinking about trying to do a new thing or a woman who’s looking for a new style of clothing, the gender binary has already been there.”

Female-dominated companies are using gender-specific packaging to help address gender inequality and promote equality, said Jennifer Hsu, the co-chair of the group’s gender-focused marketing practice.

“When you have a product that is for men or women, you’re saying that they’re not equal, that you can wear the dress or the skirt, but the gender identity of that individual is different,” Hsu said.

“The gender identity that women are most comfortable in is often the same as that of the man.”

She said companies could also look at whether there is a need for gender-based marketing, and how to use the gender-oriented packaging to address gender inequity.

“It’s not about the product, it’s about the packaging,” Hsue said.

The group is calling for a push for gender neutral packaging in the feminine products market, saying the issue needs to be addressed on a systemic level.

“There’s no one solution to gender inequality,” said Hsu.

“It’s about how we do things better and better and that’s what we need to do.”

The Canadian Coalition on Women is asking all companies in the consumer goods sector to include gender-responsive packaging in their products.

The group has called on the Canadian Government to mandate the use of gender-insensitive packaging in new products and said companies that don’t do so will be held accountable for their failures.

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