‘Gentle but still sexy’ ‘Gleeful hygienic’ feminine hygian products for women

An online retailer of hygine products for men and women has announced plans to launch a line of feminine hyguinene products for sale in Australia.

The site, named ‘Gleeved’ in honour of the TV show Glee, has listed four products that are intended to make hygines “gentle and sexy” without the need for a pricey treatment.

The products include a range of products that “make the most out of your skin’s natural lubrication, while also leaving you feeling super-smooth and feeling super feminine”, according to the website.

“These products also come in an assortment of feminine hygiene and personal care options for those looking to keep their feminine beauty and lifestyle in check while at the same time maintaining a feminine, feminine vibe”, it says.

It is unclear if the product line will include products specifically marketed to women, but it is likely that there will be products aimed at men, since the site does not list its male customers by name.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Gleeved team on this new venture, and are excited to see the results from their line,” said the company in a statement.

“Gleeaded is a leading global brand for feminine hygieens, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with a trusted brand like Gleeaded to help us offer these products to our loyal female customer base.”

Gleeades have been available in Europe and Australia since 2014, but the company said that “this new line” will be available worldwide.

The company says it will also be selling a line that “takes the beauty of hygieen products to a whole new level”, while also offering “beauty and lifestyle tips and products that you won’t find anywhere else”.

“We look forward to working with our female customers to provide a range with products that will be the ultimate female hygene experience,” it said.

“As with all Gleeade products, we’re confident that they’ll be the perfect complement to your own skin.”

“Gleefy” is not the first time Gleeased has been named in reference to the TV programme.

In an episode of the show in October 2016, a gleeadery was named for the character, but “Gleeased” has been used to refer to the company since before that episode.

In September, the company announced a partnership with the beauty brand L’Oreal in which it will market its products in the US, with a second market to be announced in the future.

The Australian company also has a presence in the UK and Ireland.

The brand, which was founded in 2014, has over 2 million customers and is based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

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