‘Glamour’ is ‘glamour for the ladies’

The word glamour, as used in this article, is a term for something a person or a group of people have in common.

It can refer to anything from fashion, to fashion accessories, to a style of dress, to beauty products.

For example, the word glam is used to describe something a girl or a woman has in common, such as her height or her weight.

In this article we will be using the term ‘gloria’ to describe the glamour of products like lipstick, nail polish and makeup.

When we say a product is glamour we mean it has a certain appeal to women who are attracted to a certain look, or a certain type of person.

So when we say that lipstick is glamor, we are talking about the fact that it’s not too bright, it’s a little darker, it doesn’t take up much room and it looks good on the lips.

In other words, it has glamour.

It’s a lot of different things and it is a very popular word.

So why does the word ‘glimmer’ get used?

The answer is quite simple.

People like glamor in a certain way.

They have an appeal to a person who is attracted to the glamor of a certain image or style.

So if you look at beauty products, cosmetics and so on, there is a strong glamor appeal in the market.

The word ‘beauty’ is used in a similar way.

It is a word used to indicate that a product or product type has a glamour appeal.

When you use the word beauty, you’re not really saying ‘I love this product or I love this kind of product’.

You’re saying ‘This is something that appeals to a woman who is interested in that look’.

The word is often used as an adjective rather than a noun.

So ‘gimpy’ and ‘gimmicky’ are also very common terms used to refer to a glamorised or glamourised product.

The glamour or glamorisation of a product, is often a result of the people involved in making the product.

So in the UK, for example, there are companies that make cosmetics, which are marketed by the companies who make the products.

The people who make them have a lot to do with what goes into making a product.

They are the ones who make all the ingredients, the colourings, the packaging and so forth.

And the people who are making the products are also the ones that make the cosmetic products that are sold to the public.

They might make lipstick, they might make nail polish, they make makeup.

If you look through the websites of these companies, you’ll see that they all have a glamorous, glamourising feel to them.

So people are attracted by that and that is why people like the word gimpy, gimicky and so many other words.

The gimple, for instance, is the way that the product looks, or is the look of the product that people are looking for.

So the term gimply is also used to say that it is the same as glamour but is also an adjective meaning glamourous.

And gimples, for the Brits, are also known as glamorises.

So a lot more people are gimps than glamorisers.

So what does the term glamor mean in the context of cosmetics?

To glamorise means to be attractive to a particular demographic.

And so for cosmetics, the term is used when people want to attract a particular type of customer.

For instance, when a beauty product is marketed to a specific demographic, for them, the brand will say ‘this is for the people of this demographic’.

So it will say, this is for women of the younger generation, for women over the age of 60.

When a product that is marketed specifically to a population, for a particular group, the company will make a statement such as, this product is for this particular demographic and this is why we make this product.

And that is what makes a product glamor.

And glamor is often seen as a compliment.

So glamor comes from the Latin word gomor, meaning ‘good fortune’.

So for example ‘Gomor’, a product of a beauty company, has the same name as a type of fortune cookie, which means ‘gift for the lucky’ or ‘a small fortune’.

It has the words gomora, ‘gifted’, gomorus, ‘great fortune’.

‘Gimper’ comes from Latin gimper, meaning to be ‘good’.

So ‘Gimp’ means ‘to be handsome’, ‘to look good’.

And ‘Gipsy’ comes a bit later in the name, ‘good luck’.

So a product which is marketed in a particular way will have a gimpse to it.

So for a lot, if a product has a ‘gimp’ label

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