How P&G is embracing the feminine

P&g is embracing feminine products as a way to broaden the range of products that it makes and sell, according to a new report from Gartner.

The company is expanding its offerings with products that are made from feminine ingredients.

For example, P&G is creating a line of feminine perfumes called Femme Fashions.

The company is also building a line for women who want to take their makeup to a whole new level with a line called Femmes Beauty.

In addition, the company is introducing a new line of products called Femmed Couture that features more feminine ingredients, such as rose water, niacinamide and emollients.

P&amp=s Femmed line is designed for both men and women who prefer feminine-looking products.

P&gt=s femmed range is made from the finest ingredients and has been designed to be easy to use and to stay hydrated.

It includes perfumes and body creams that are designed for women, including the new Femmed Rouge.

P+G is also expanding its line of cosmetics.

It is introducing Femmed Body and Femmed Lifestyle, two new lines of makeup and skincare products.

The brand is also launching a line that features a range of women’s accessories.

Pascale Lutz, head of research at Gartners, told Business Insider that P&gs marketing strategy has been driven by its focus on gender and gender diversity.

In addition, she said, Pascale is focusing on products that appeal to both genders.

For example, women who choose to use a lot of the cosmetics in P&gd+g’s new Femme Fashion range are not limited to the feminine product lines, which includes perfumed moisturizers and body care.

Pascal Gaudin, P+G’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement that the company has been expanding its product offerings to meet women’s preferences for natural and feminine products.PASCALE LUTZ: Women are looking for more feminine products in their everyday lives, and that means Pascales feminine products are now available in a range that reflects the natural beauty and fragrances of women, said Pascali Lutz-Gaudin.

She said that this includes products for women to wear, as well as makeup, hair care, skincaria and hair accessories.

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