How to avoid the Aldi feminine hygiene products

Aldi, the German retail chain, has been embroiled in a series of controversies over the past few years, and it has been forced to make some changes. 

But for some, the new changes to its feminine hygiene and beauty products, particularly its blume, may not be enough to stop the company from getting in trouble with the government.

In a statement on its website, the brand said the blume will now contain no animal ingredients and that the “freshness and freshness of the ingredients” will be the “primary objective.”

“Aldi has chosen to stop using the traditional ingredients in its products, as they do not promote health and are associated with a lack of hygiene,” the statement reads.

“The new product, the blumen, will contain no animals and the freshness and freshening of the ingredient will be as the primary objective.”

The company added that it has also decided to remove the ingredients of its fragrances from its cosmetics.

“We are not using any animal products, but we are removing some of them, as we have decided to eliminate them from the product,” the company said.

“A number of the fragrance ingredients are derived from plants, like rose petals, and these are also known as botanical extracts,” the press release said.

It also clarified that the company is no longer selling its fragrant perfume, called Blume, to anyone who is not a member of the German government.

While it did not specifically say what the new ingredients will be, the company did say it will stop using “the synthetic fragrants from other brands.”

Aldis spokeswoman Sabine Kepp said that the brand is still able to sell the blues, but the company would stop selling them to people who are not Germans.

“There is no change in the company’s brand name, but our blume fragrance will now be made in the new, organic production system that is also produced in China,” she said.

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