How to dispose of feminine products

The feminine products company Sustain Femenix says it’s been a busy few months for its owners, who have been battling a new wave of pollution.

Last week, Sustain said it started cleaning up and disposing of its inventory, a process that started earlier this year.

“We started cleaning it, we were cleaning it for about six months, and we’re going to be doing that until we’re done with it,” Sustain’s chief financial officer, Laura Smith, said.

The company is currently operating a new, larger recycling facility, but says it expects to continue to be clean and efficient as it moves forward.

“Our process of recycling is not new, it’s just different from the old recycling,” Smith said.

“The process is very, very different.”

In addition to disposing products, Sustainable also recycles plastic and recycles glass and other recyclables.

“I think what we’ve really been focused on is that our inventory is recycled and our process is environmentally sustainable,” Smith explained.

Sustain Femenaix was started by a woman in her early 40s, and it started with a simple desire to help women in need.

“She started it because she wanted to be able to help people in the community, and she felt like she could,” Smith added.

“I think that’s the whole idea, we are all in this together.”

As a woman who lives in Southern California, Smith knows that some of the more expensive products are often washed with bleach.

And while she and her team are making sure they use the same chemical cleaners, Sultans process is all recyclable, which means you can easily dispose of the products yourself.

“So when you look at a lot of things that are really expensive, we really believe that you can make it affordable,” Smith continued.

“We just think that it’s really important to be recycling, and to do it responsibly.”

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