How to Find Out If You’re Gagging on a Liquid Creme Source Vice News

The product in question?

A liquid creme that promises to be an aphrodisiac for both genders.

The product in the video was created by the French-Canadian company “Coco Creme.”

It features a bottle of coconut milk and a cream made of vanilla.

Coco is a well-known brand in France, which is a country that is known for its love of all things vanilla and coconut.

Its product description is a bit more cryptic: “A blend of essential oils that enhances the scent of coconut, almond, and citrus.

The coconut-scented liquid creeper gives you an intoxicating experience.”

The company says it created the creme in collaboration with “Coke,” an Australian coffee brand, and “Mizon,” a French-Swiss brand.

“Coco” has an Australian online store, and Coco’s website lists a French co-founder, Christophe, as its “CEO.”

“It’s a very interesting project and we are looking forward to the results,” Coco co-president Alexandre D’Agostino told VICE News.

In addition to the company’s name, Coco is also the creator of a range of beauty products for women.

A spokeswoman for the French brand said Coco Creme was only using ingredients that were legally permitted for use in the country, and that the product was not intended for consumption by men.

But Coco’s marketing campaign isn’t exactly the first time a product has been used as a creepper.

Earlier this year, a woman in Brazil allegedly found a creme on her boyfriend’s penis and had it sent to him for a cuppa.