How to refresh feminine products for spring

In the coming months, women around the world will be celebrating the springtime with a renewed appreciation for their beauty and their feminine products.

While most people will be taking advantage of the fall-summer season with some essential care, others are looking to make a change. 

We spoke to Dr. Dina Kogut, a dermatologist and the CEO of Dina’s Beauty, to find out what products you can expect to see on the market this fall and what products to avoid if you do.

Kogot said that if you have a dry skin or allergies, your best bet is to avoid products with fragrance, harsh chemicals, or ingredients that have been known to cause allergies or skin damage. 

“It is a bit like using sunscreen, so if you want to get the full benefits of it, go for it,” Koguth told Salon.

“It is not really going to be that good.

If you do not have sensitive skin or you have allergies, you should probably avoid products that contain these ingredients.”

She also warned against products that are designed for oily skin.

“Oily skin is the one place where the products you see marketed with this fragrance will have a negative effect,” she explained.

“You can use products like the Moisturizer that have oil-based ingredients, which are toxic.

You should be careful of those as well.” 

Koguth also warned that if your skin is dry, you may not want to use products with harsh ingredients, or the fragrances they contain, because of possible sensitivities. 

For oily skin, she also recommends using products with a gentle texture and not a harsh one.

“If you have sensitive or eczema skin, you will probably want to avoid fragrancing because that can irritate your skin,” she said.

“But if you are like most people, you don’t really have sensitive skins and you have dry skin, and you don´t have sensitive, it is going to probably not be a problem.” 

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, you can choose to not use it, but Kogutt advises you to avoid all products with an odor that can trigger allergic reactions.

“A lot of times you can just put something like a cleanser on your face, and then you don’ t have to worry about anything,” she told Salon, “because you know the product doesn´t contain any fragrance.” 

In the end, Koguts recommendation is simple.

Don’t wear products that smell like a chemical that has been linked to allergies or sensitivities, and don’t use fragranced products that have an odor you can’t get away from. 

When it comes to products that may cause irritation, the beauty community is in the midst of a new era.

We’re getting more and more products that promise to give us better skin, so we’re excited to see what’s in store for the next few years. 

Stay tuned to Salon for more from Dr. Kguth as we dig into the products, fragrance, and products to use for this fall.