How to wear your feminine products

Using feminine products has become a big part of everyday life for women around the world.

But for those who find they can’t keep up with their needs, it can be tricky to find a product that suits their feminine needs.

This month, Al Jazeera’s Sarah Lee travelled to China to speak to women and girls about how to use feminine products, and find out how they feel about how products like their menstrual pads and tampons can feel.

Al Jazeera’s Sophie Chen is with us in Beijing, China.

Sophie Chen: So we’ve been looking for products to wear in the morning for a long time now.

And now I’m really glad to be here, because we’ve finally found something.

Al Jazeera: So this is the first time we’ve seen it, you’re wearing it yourself.

You’re not buying it, right?

I mean, it’s just a feminine product.

Sophie Chue: No, no, no.

I don’t even know where I’m going to buy it.

Al Arabiya English: No it’s not a feminine one, right.

It’s a feminine-style one.

Sophie: I bought it for my mum, she has a bad reaction.

It doesn’t really work.

I’ve never tried it on.

It works very well.

I just wear it on my shoulder or my back and I use it as a tampon.

I used to buy them from the big chain in China but I’ve switched to buying them from my local shopping centre.

Al Qa’ida supporter with her daughter in the village of Huiyin in eastern China’s Heilongjiang province.

Sophie CHEN: It’s definitely not a female product.

Al: So it doesn’t suit your female-style?

Sophie: No.

No, it doesn\’t suit my body.

Al and Sophie Chen are in the southern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

Sophie is a 22-year-old feminist and an anti-government activist who has travelled to several countries to help promote the fight against the Islamic State group.

Sophie has been fighting the Islamic extremists for years, and in 2017 she was one of the organisers of the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

Al said: It was really inspiring to see this amazing community of women from around the globe come together, especially on such a big stage.

We had so many women in the crowd and we saw so many people wearing these products.

Al went to a protest in Beijing on Monday where women gathered to protest against the killing of a young woman by a police officer.

Sophie says she was in shock when she saw the police firing on people.

I was really surprised that they were not stopping, shooting at people.

Al told Sophie about the moment he saw the woman being shot.

Sophie’s mother said that when she went to see the young woman, she had already seen a police car drive over her, and she thought: ‘Is this what we are going to see?’

Al told her: She was dead.

Sophie and her mother went home and were horrified.

Al also told her about how she had received death threats for her work against the government.

Sophie told Al: I was not really scared, it was just sad.

Al was able to get hold of a company called The Fungus, which manufactures feminine products and she was able take the product on the road to China, where Sophie and Sophie’s friends bought her products.

Sophie went back home and bought a box of feminine products from a friend and went to China.

Al explained to Sophie: When I first got here, I was actually worried about the prices, but now I think they are amazing.

Sophie bought a feminine pad, tampon and menstrual cup.

She told Al she wanted to wear it to school, to the cinema, to take her shopping, and to do yoga.

Al brought her a box containing three pads and a tampomiser, and Sophie used them at home.

Al’s friend Sophie Chen, a woman from the village where she lives, was also excited to buy a feminine menstrual product for herself.

Al asked Sophie how she felt about using feminine products.

She said: I’m very excited, I don\’t know what to do.

I am very excited to wear this product.

But I think that I need to wait a bit more.

Sophie was also curious about how it felt to wear feminine products on the street.

Sophie said she was very pleased with the product, but she didn’t like how it smelled.

Sophie asked Al: What do you think about this product, the smell?

He replied: I don´t know, I think it smells a little funny, it smells very nice.

Al then showed Sophie how her tampon felt and asked: Is this what you want?

She said yes.

Sophie explained how she liked to put the product in her vagina.

She explained that she wanted it to smell a little like a vagina, but it

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