Why are some feminine hygiene products so expensive?

Compostable products, like sanitary napkins, feminine wipes, and feminine hygiene soap are the latest items to hit the market as a way to reduce pollution.But the products are not only expensive, they’re also not always safe for the environment.“Compostable” doesn’t mean “safer” or “cleaner” but rather, “clean, reusable.”In fact, most of the products on the […]

How to refresh feminine products for spring

In the coming months, women around the world will be celebrating the springtime with a renewed appreciation for their beauty and their feminine products.While most people will be taking advantage of the fall-summer season with some essential care, others are looking to make a change.¬†We spoke to Dr. Dina Kogut, a dermatologist and the CEO […]

Why Azaleas Feminine Products Are So Damn Irresistible

azaleas feminine products are such a hit that they’re starting to become a trend, so it’s no surprise that theyre even more popular than the usual ones.The reason is simple: They’re the perfect combination of feminine and masculine.Azalea products are made from a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other nutrients that help reduce […]