How to buy feminine products in Australia

If you’re looking for a few feminine products to add to your pantry, you’re in luck because the Australian retailer is bringing them all to Australia.The brand, Fds, has been rolling out a range of feminine fragrances in Australia, which have been available to buy for about six months now.The range will be available on […]

I’m still smelling masculine! Source ABC News

“It is so weird, because I have been using the feminine odor product for the last couple of years and I don’t have any complaints, but now it smells really masculine,” said Sarah Schulte, a 20-year-old graduate student from Washington state.“I’m a big fan of natural fragrances, but this smell has a little bit of […]

How to use organic feminine odor products

Organic feminine odors are a must for your health, and with good results.The organic odors will help you stay healthy and feel more comfortable in your home.Read more about organic feminine products.1.Choose organic odour-repellent fragrance-free products.2.Avoid fragrance-based products, especially synthetic ones.3.Avoid perfumes containing synthetic fragrances, such as fragranced water or deodorant.4.Avoid fragrantly fragrant fragrains, as […]