How to make the most of your feminine products

A bunch of the most popular feminine products you’ll find at Walmart, Target and Kohl’s are now available in stores.But before you rush out to get those products, consider the following advice to make sure your feminine hygiene products are up to par.Aldi, the Swedish cosmetics brand with a popular feminine product line, is making […]

How to stop the ‘feminine products’ craze

When I started out I used to buy everything I could find on Amazon.And it worked.I loved it.I got my clothes and accessories from the thrift stores.I got my makeup from a makeup counter.I even got my hair cut by a hair stylist.I had my own makeup counter, my own shampoo, and my own moisturizer.And […]

How to wear your feminine products

Using feminine products has become a big part of everyday life for women around the world.But for those who find they can’t keep up with their needs, it can be tricky to find a product that suits their feminine needs.This month, Al Jazeera’s Sarah Lee travelled to China to speak to women and girls about […]