How to refresh feminine products for spring

In the coming months, women around the world will be celebrating the springtime with a renewed appreciation for their beauty and their feminine products.While most people will be taking advantage of the fall-summer season with some essential care, others are looking to make a change.¬†We spoke to Dr. Dina Kogut, a dermatologist and the CEO […]

How P&G is embracing the feminine

P&g is embracing feminine products as a way to broaden the range of products that it makes and sell, according to a new report from Gartner.The company is expanding its offerings with products that are made from feminine ingredients.For example, P&G is creating a line of feminine perfumes called Femme Fashions.The company is also building […]

How to make your own sexy dress

You know when you go out to a nightclub and you’re walking down the dancefloor with your best friends and you feel like you’ve been hit in the stomach by the music?If that was you, you’re not alone.According to a new survey by Brand Analytics, a company that analyzes social media content, women in the […]