Feminine products can be more secure than masculine

Feminine product organizations, including the Canadian Coalition for Women, are calling for more emphasis on gender-neutral packaging in feminine products.It comes as the gender gap is widening, said Sarah Schaffer, a senior lecturer in marketing and public affairs at Dalhousie University’s Rotman School of Management.“What I want to see is that it’s not a ‘we […]

When You Want a New, Better Breastfeeding Aid, You Need to Know About BioDegradable Feminine Products

A few years ago, a friend recommended a new product called Biodegradably Feminine Pads, or BFPs, as they’re known by the product name.Since then, they’ve been featured on sites like Cosmopolitan and Esquire, and now they’re available at your local drugstore.The BFP pads are made from silicone, which means that they’re completely biodegradeable.The pads have […]

How to make a $10,000 product dispensing machine

It’s a complicated and expensive process, but you can make one for yourself.Here are some tips to get you started.1.Purchase a home theater system and a wireless power supply, because you need both.You will need the power to drive the dispensers, and you will also need the batteries.There is no need to purchase a home […]