The top 10 best feminine products from 2017

The top female products of 2017, according to The New York Times.

The magazine also ranked products by how often they were available in the U.S., the most popular countries for them to be sold, and the number of times they were sold.

Here are the top 10 products, as ranked by the Times:1.

L’Oreal Rouge Ultra-Flex-4 Liquid Eye Pencil ($32.00): The pencil is the best-selling product of the year for the company, which had more than a million orders by the end of January, the Times reports.2.

Aveda Liquid Eye Shadow Palette ($22.00), a collaboration between Avedas and Benefit Cosmetics: This is the most frequently sold shade of the two products in the top ten, with an average of four orders per day, and it was also the most common shade on the website, the newspaper reports.3.

Lioele Soft Matte Powder ($20.00) for the eyeliner, as the most commonly sold lipstick: This product was one of the top three-month-old products in 2017, The Times reports, with nearly 20,000 orders on the site and more than 2.2 million in stores.4.

Anastasia Perfect Matte Lip Gloss ($19.99) for a lip color that’s “soft and plump,” according to the Times, with almost a million customers buying this color in 2017.5.

Clinique Mineral Foundation ($21.00)—this product is the top-selling foundation of the month for the brand, with about 3.7 million orders per month, the magazine reports.6.

Lippie Lace Lip Gloss in Blush ($21) for an “infused, shimmery, gold and rose gold,” according the Times.7.

Aromaleigh Liquid Eyeshadow Palette with 5-Piece Set ($34.99): This is Lippies second-most popular product of 2017 after the Avedalux Palette, with more than 20,700 orders in March and April.8.

Audeze LCD Liquid Eye Cream ($25) for “the soft, luminous, and shimmery finish that gives this liquid lipstick its ‘glow,'” according to Forbes.9.

Neutrogena Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Bronze ($32) for its “wonderful shimmering, shimmering pigmentation,” according The Times.10.

Sephora Liquid Eye Liquid Lipstick in Bronze with 4-Peg Pencil($26): This product is Sephort’s most popular product in 2017 and is one of two products that is sold in more than 1.5 million U.K. stores.

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