What’s next for a feminine-friendly tech company?

Recode, a technology news startup founded by Kara Swisher, has announced that it will acquire beauty company Nailix for $100 million.

The deal is the first in a long line of acquisitions by Recode.

The move is notable for its focus on female talent, according to CEO Kara Swishers husband.

The company is hiring women to work on its products and also has launched a new line of women-focused online products.

“We’re creating a space where we can make more women into leaders in our industry,” Swisher told Recode CEO Kara Pomerantz.

The acquisition will also make it easier for female employees to work remotely.

The tech news startup will also add a new female-focused product category on its website.

It has also launched an initiative to help women who want to work with tech companies in different industries, such as film and television.

Swisher said the acquisition was motivated by the company’s commitment to female talent.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to continue to build the team we have today and to grow our team as a company,” she said.

The NailIX deal is part of the larger $300 million acquisition deal that also includes a new $100 billion valuation of a number of companies, including Twitter, Tesla, and GoPro.

The acquisition of Nailux was originally announced in May, and Swisher said in a recent interview that the acquisition “was very, very strategic.”

“It was a good fit because of the talent that Nailox had, and the opportunity to invest in a company that was a natural fit for us.”

She also added that the move was made with the intention of expanding the company and diversifying the workforce.

“The women in Nailx are really smart and really talented and they will continue to help us with the future,” she added.

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