Which of these new ’embarrassingly feminine’ products are the best?

Blume, a new fragrance line, has become the most embarrassing feminine product in the world after being criticised for its use of the term “blume”.

The product is meant to be a gentle floral fragrance for women but has been criticised for using the word “blum” to describe the scent and its packaging.

Blume is marketed as a “feminine scent” and it’s not clear what that means for consumers, as the company has never clarified its intentions with regard to the word.

Blum, an umbrella term for a range of fragrances, is a term that encompasses all fragrains in the fragrance world.

It’s also the term for the smell of freshly cut grass, hay or berries and is often used in marketing and advertising.

Blump, a line of perfumes which have been criticised over the years for using “blums” to represent the scent, is currently selling for €1.99 on the Blume website.

Blumen, the other brand, is also selling for around €1 on the site.

Blus, the third fragrance in the Blumen line, is available in two styles: a light, fruity fragrance and a more intense, menthol-infused fragrance.

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