Why you need to avoid the ‘feminest’ brands

A new survey suggests that many women are afraid of the ‘feminine’ brands.

The latest survey, carried out by the British fashion and beauty website Cosmopolitan, found that only 37% of women would buy a feminine product from a brand with a feminine label.

Instead, 40% of respondents would opt for products from the ‘dynamic’ brands, which are typically masculine in their packaging, but also include women-friendly features.

Cosmopolitan, which partnered with brands like Buxom and Urban Decay to conduct the survey, found women were most likely to use products from brands like Burberry, Givenchy and Givenchy Plus, all of which use feminine labels.

The survey also found that women were also more likely to purchase feminine fragrances than masculine ones. 

In total, women were asked to rate the effectiveness of products and how feminine they think they are by asking: ‘How would you describe your skin’s feel and how do you feel about your hair and nails?

Do you think that you would like your skin to look softer or softer?’

When asked to list their favourite products, only 30% of the women surveyed thought their favourite fragrance was from a feminine brand, while 59% said they liked products that were made with a ‘dynamite’ label. 

Only 18% of those surveyed would opt to buy a product from the dynamic brands, and the majority of women were only interested in the feminine brands.

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